Meek: We Believe


We believe in the one God of Abraham, the eternally living Holy Ghost, consciously existing as the Mother  and the Father and embodied as the Child. 


We believe God is the creator of all things and that all of creation is good and with purpose.

We believe God connected all of creation with an ethereal fabric, connecting all with God, making all one with God.

We believe God created human beings in the image of God, sovereign and distinct from all other creations, possessing the knowledge of good and evil, and it is human nature to choose and manifest into reality either good or evil.


We believe Humans were created for a life of work, suffering, and sacrifice, and given dominion over the Earth, as a responsibility, to be the caretakers of the Earth and all of God’s creation.

We believe the willing acceptance of  our creation and our responsibilities is the path to human salvation.

We the meek believe these truths, and dedicate our lives to becoming profoundly capable, knowledgeable, courageous and wise so that we me faithfully carry out with excellence, our covenant with God.

Meek: Law

Believe In One God, And The Laws Of Gods Creation

Trust In Gods Design, Do Not Preemptively Interfere With Nature

Demonstrate Faith And Your Relationship With God By The Actions Of Your Life

Have Profound Reverence For All Living Beings

Understand And Respect Your Elders And Past

God, Spouse, Children, Family, Community, Nation Then World

Do Not Murder, Steal Or Commit Adultery

Do Not Covet Possessions Nor Bear False Witness

Do Not Eat The Flesh Of Living Beings Outside Of Sacrifice

A day of fast on each solstice and equinox

To Your Greatest Ability, Devote Your Life To Becoming Physically Fit And Capable

To Your Greatest Ability, Devote Your Life  To Becoming Knowledgeable And Skilled

To Your Greatest Ability, Devote Your Life to Becoming Patient And Wise